Choose your memories.

Find people in the real world, in real time and on demand. Whenever you feel like having fun, More lets you discover like-minded people nearby who want to do something right now.



Find interesting people nearby who want to do something right now

There are people near you who want to do something different right now. When you want to have a new experience, use More to find someone to share it with. 


Share with the city around you.

Say what you want to do right now, add a photo or video, and put it out into the nearby world. People connect with you based what you want to do.


Transform any moment into an adventure

More was started to allow open, honest, raw, articulate, and adventurous people to seize every moment instead of wasting time.

Claim Your City.


See what kind of time others want to have.

Explore other people's Signals. 



Transform any moment into an adventure. 

 2:01 on a Friday Morning. 

You're in your bed, but you can’t sleep. The more you try to fall asleep, the more energy you feel. You hear drops of rain tapping at your window. Your senses are heightened. You want to throw off the covers and  run outside. Cynthia lives 11 floors down. She has the same feeling. 


Strike the right moment. With the right person.

11:11 on a Thursday night.

You're restless, you want to go out and do something. You're waiting for something to happen. You don't want to wait anymore. 


A new way to share and socialize.

When open honest, raw, intelligent, creative, and articulate people have a chance to meet, you can have a really stimulating night. 


You when people want more of life, they want to be able to live it as more, they’re pursuing ways to make it better.

Who uses More?

Feel safe broadcasting your thoughts into the real world. Feel comfortable saying what you feel.

It's anonymous until you connect.



Say what others are thinking. In a whole new way.

The city is filled with people just like you. You'd never know it.

With More, fascinating people post their desires into the real world.

Instant connection

With More, you can see through walls, around corners, and then you find someone.

Connect with them.



Strike the right moment with the right person.

You know those unplanned moments when you feel inspired, and you just want to harness that energy and do something... extraordinary?

And you want to share it, take advantage of it, exploit it.