Your next adventure begins in 10 minutes.


Your next adventure begins in 10 minutes.

No plans but in the mood to do something fun?

Propose an adventure to the world around you to find a partner in crime. Or, explore nearby to join somebody else’s adventure.

Meet Up

Within 10 Minutes

When the desire strikes, More guides you to a central spot. You meet up in the prime of your good mood. No waiting around. No fading excitement. Your adventure begins, right now.


Right around the corner

Find Cool People

Life is better when two open, passionate people connect at the height of an inspired state of mind.


Open, honest, raw, articulate, and adventurous people seize any moment instead of wasting time. To guarantee the best people, we limit our user community to people who share these qualities. 


Never the same day twice

Life More Magical

More let's you dream up the perfect experience that you want in the moment. It can be anything.

If you don’t know what you want, explore the desires of strangers nearby. Seize a novel experience you never knew you were missing.  

When you want to have a new experience, use More to find someone to share it with. 

Use More to explore the new city you just moved to, or to rediscover one you call home. 

Use More to find like-minded people nearby who want to do something right now.


Start your adventure.